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School is back in session!

Students who have moved here from other states are often surprised on their first day when class begins with everyone reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

"People still do that?" is a common reaction.

Having respect and appreciation for one's home makes for a happier, more meaningful life. Carrying that philosophy into our places of learning and work enhances the care and nurturing we want to give and instill in every student at our school. We are simply saying, "We care about our home. Let's take care of it and make it a great place for all who dwell here."

Learning, working, growing

Oasis Academy was started with the intent to create an environment conducive for effective teaching and learning. Classroom size for grades K-8 are capped at 24 students. Children in smaller classes tend to do better than those in larger classes throughout the K-3 grades, and the more years spent in reduced classes has shown longer lasting benefits.

Oasis also relies on a strong family volunteer structure. Classroom doors are always open

Bighorn Central


    Oasis Academy College Preparatory High School is committed to the promotion of higher learning. Our dress code requires students to wear attire from their favorite colleges and universities, coupled with our Bighorns colors.

    Dress code requirements are as follows:

    • Khaki bottoms from Thrifty Finds
    • College-of-choice T-shirt, polo, or sweatshirt
    • NO tank tops, crop tops, or muscle tops

Our Mission

    Oasis Academy, in partnership with its parents and community, strives to instill in its students high standards for academic achievement, leadership, integrity, and responsible citizenship. Our efforts have earned Oasis Academy a five star rating from the Nevada Department of Education. Our Charter School will continue to create leaders one project at a time.

    Oasis Academy College Preparatory High School is dedicated to fostering lifelong learning and social responsibility in a safe and academically rigorous college preparatory environment.

2018 Summer Reading

    For the 2018 Summer Reading Program we would like students to review at least ONE book during summer break. Student are of course allowed to review as many books as they'd like.

    We also encourage parents to submit a review of a book they read over the summer. Once the new school year begins we will publish the reviews on the school website.

    Submit Your Review

Our Philosophy

    We believe every child has the potential to succeed and should have the opportunity to receive a world class education. There are three critical elements necessary to make this happen: teachers, students and families. Together, as a team of highly skilled teachers, dedicated students and supportive families, we strive to help each child reach their potential.

Scrip Fundraising

    Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that allows families to raise money for Friends of Oasis Academy. Pay for everyday purchases using gift cards purchased from Oasis Academy at face value. We then order those cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a reduced price. The difference is an instant rebate for Oasis Academy.

Project Based Learning

    At Oasis Academy, we structure our curriculum around project based learning.

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Common Core Standards

    Oasis Academy has been teaching the Common Core standards since 2011. Our students have been challenged by their rigor and as a result have performed very well on state testing. We invite anyone who has questions regarding Common Core to make an appointment and come see them in action in a classroom.

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    To get up to date information on Common Core in Nevada and across the nation follow Nevada Ready on Social Media:

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Campus Portal for Parents

Infinite Campus Portal

    Get real-time access to your student's grades, attendance, and other valuable information (grades 6-8 only).

    To get started:

    • Your Activation Key letter will be sent home with your child.
    • The Activation Key letter will walk you through the process of creating your account.

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No-Fuss Fundraiser

The No Fuss Fundraiser is held by the Friends of Oasis Academy, Inc. Many parents have expressed concern over the selling of products in order to raise money to support programs. Families are tired of selling wrapping paper, cookie dough, magazines, etc. and would like to avoid pressure to stretch orders to reach a prize level. Direct contribution fundraisers allow 100% of the funds we receive to benefit the students at Oasis Academy. This method of fundraising is only successful if parents contribute generously and we hope you will! Donations of $500 or more will be recognized!

Our goal for the fundraiser is a minimum of $100 per student. Over the years these fundraising efforts have helped with the purchase of computers, interactive white boards, and playground costs.

While it sounds like a substantial amount of money, it is important to put things into perspective. How much does one semester of dance class cost? How much is football? Pre-school? Piano? In actuality, it is a small price to pay for a year.

The FOA board will not be asking for any other small donations this year for teacher birthdays or teacher appreciation (those programs will be funded through the SCRIP program), with the exception of Christmas, at which time all families will be asked to make a voluntary $5 dollar donation toward one class gift. The No Fuss Fundraiser is the only time (with the exception of Christmas) that you will be asked to donate any money by Friends of Oasis Academy. Please note that individual school approved extracurricular groups will be fundraising.

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